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Jenna horsetrader (bean)'s Journal

Dec. 21st, 2013

10:40 pm - update: It's Solstice!

It's been a long time sense the last time So Happy Solstice. Let's See big updates. got married, Went to Jamacia on a honeymoon. still working for my self. living at the farm. Playing with my embroidery machine. Dealing with Steph's panic/depression issues which started over a year ago I believe at this point maybe it was 10 months. I've gained 10 pounds or so sense quitting takwondo after getting my purple belt. I injured my hip in may and had my first MRI. Bursitis/tendionitis that both are still bothering me. they are better if I laser them.

We Lost Bear dog this summer. Mystic left this fall and jojo and jack the winter before. The farms dogs are just not the same. We have two lab crosses that are not nearly as cool as bear although I am trying to teach Wesley "bang". We have lost and gained and lost again several kitties. Posy Passed away last winter. Polly who looks and acts like a mini posy came this summer and is doing wonderful. Whinnie and Commet both went to a retirement home where they are loved.

Steph is going back to school and hopes to get into a masters program that will get her a dregee she can use to be a councilor. She should be pretesting for her black belt this feb and getting her black belt in may. Shortly there after she will get her black belt in hapkido.

Jeremy's annoying dogs are visiting for the week because my brothers have taken my mother to PR for her 70th birthday. I have just given the dogs xanax to see if it will calm them down. No Effect… Christmas is coming. Things I asked for a thread organizer/sampler that comes with 63 different embroidery threads so that I can continue my embroidery fun, and a TV transmitter receiver that would work for 2 tvs. I find this funny when my brothers are asking for cameras and computers that cost at least twice as much as my whole list. I guess I'm happy with what I have. I've given embroidered gifts to three people already this year.

Just watched pitch perfect which was cute. I also loved the Hunger games: Catching Fire, Sliver linings play book, About time, and I'm hoping to go see American Hustle (yes I do have a thing for jennifer Lawerence). Lets see Tv I'm currently watching; Glee, Grey's Anatomy, Walking Dead, Elementary, Dextor (DVD), True Blood (dvd), American Horror story (dvd). Books series I've finished WoT, Divergent, Kurshal's Dart, Black Jewel, Delririum, Hunger Games, Matched, and I'm Upto date or Far along in The Mortal interments, Game of thrones, Beautiful Creatures, and The Breakers Series. I've also recently read the perks of being a wall flower, Ender's Game and other stuff I can't think of.

My memory is not as good as it once was. I'm hoping this is due to all the stress of work, holiday taking care of the farm with mom away, getting married and all that. Sometimes I wonder if my mind is just going. time will tell.

I wrote a bucket list which I have started crossing things off of. I've created a sewing topia in our guest room (if you sew you have an Idea what I'm talking about). Other hobbies I've driven a couple of our minis currently we have 3 that will drive but one is injured. we also have one that is in training and one that needs to start training. I want to sell my meadow brook (Big Horse cart) to clear out more room in my tack shack.

Got to go to the Kentucky horse park when it was mostly empty of people which was great. Saw Keenland which is one of the race tracks I want to visit on my bucket list. So I've been to Laural, Charlestown, Parx, Keenland, Belmont and finger lakes Race tracks. I got to got the Washington international horse show with my 4H kids in DC. They Had Shetland Horse Racing. Which was AWESOME.

Ok I think that is enough of a Update for tonight. Happy longest night northern hemisphere.

Sep. 14th, 2012

09:56 am - visalus challenge update

SO I've been Better but not good this week but I'm back down to 206. for half the week i had 2 of the shakes a day the other half I had one and ate normal food. over ate a couple times but hay 2.5 pounds and I'll take it. I have just in the last 2 days really started to get over my sinus infection. I did karate twice this week but I need to get back in to practicing. I haven't done measurements but I think I am down another half an inch.

Sep. 7th, 2012

05:35 pm - visalus challenge update

so I'm not down any weight this week but I haven't been sticking to my diet. intact I've been sick and had girly ness and got drunk off my but so I was puking. so with all that though. my size has changed. so here it is waist 43 hips 44 chest 42. weight 208.5 here's hoping next week I get back on track.

Aug. 31st, 2012

08:46 pm - visalus challenge update

so one week on the shakes and I'm down 9 pounds but I feel good. waist 44 hips 44 chest 43.5 and weight 216.

Current Mood: thoughtfulthoughtful

Mar. 5th, 2012

08:59 pm - yesterday and today

well sat
Walking fields, evening feed

cleaning laundry and feed
plus steph taught me the first part of my green belt form cause I'm testing friday and my nunchuk form

feed, dentals
practice forms times 2 plus first half of green and numchuk practiced kicks as well.

now sleeping alone and getting up tomorrow to feed early then more dentals at another farm. then class tomorrow night

Feb. 25th, 2012

08:08 pm - more on exercise

Today after helping out at a foal (12 to 2am) slept in and did nothing all day then fed horses, on the treadmill for 1.8 miles (32.30 mins, 240 cal, max incline 7 max speed 5) then all three forms twice, nunchaku 1-10 once on each side.

while on treadmill I listened to another audio lecture... working the mind and the body (bonus)
still 214 right now goal water achieved but 2 sodas (three if you count the one to wake me up last night)

next bath and reading not sure what book.

Feb. 15th, 2012

10:08 pm - this week in exercise...

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Current Mood: calmcalm

Jan. 29th, 2012

08:08 pm - books

so today I finished devils diadem.

Aug. 27th, 2010

07:31 am - Wow its been a while...

So Today my post is gonna be a silly one...
I have found a good way to save money in the shower... swave 3 in one wild melon shampoo conditioner and body wash. it means I can start soaping at the top and just go down I go thru very little of it and I'm done with the hot water in no time... now I do have to add some extra conditioner cause my hair likes to tangle but only ever other wash or so. and I smell melon fresh LOL and its like 3 bucks for a good sized bottle... so anyway thats my silly way to save and smell good.

Dec. 19th, 2009

06:14 pm - SNOW! LOTS OF IT

We have snow over my knees.. and my car drove thru it both in our drive way and out of a drift at the mall where i got steph safely this morning and home again. we got over 2 feet I think. now safely home with the dogs who love the snow and hanging with my wife...

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